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System Songs - Music Licensing Services


System Recordings is pleased to announce the launch of System Songs Music Licensing Services. Our objective is to provide strategic partnerships with Artists, Producers, Boutique Labels, Publishers and Management companies to provide music licensing services in the areas of Film, TV, Web, Commercial and other media. Through our finley honed infrastructure of agencies, and sub-publishers we offer a full-range of licensing and publishing solutions.


Our Partners


Ocean Park Music Group

Getty Images Music


Brands For Bands

Talpa Music

Clippers Music

ROBA Music Publishing




Music Licensing


• Solicitation of songs to TV, Film, Games, Commercials and Web Shows.

• In place blanket licensing deals with our partners allow for seamless one-stop clearance.


Publishing Administration and Sub-Publishing


• Via our direct relationships with ASCAP & BMI in the United States we are able to offer our clients collect-at-source

  Publishing Administration.

• International representation through our network of Sub-Publishers.


PRO Title Registration


• Direct registration with ASCAP & BMI ensures that shares our clients titles are accurately represented to ensure maximum

  PRO distributions.


SoundExchange Repertoire Management


• Via our DDEX feed with SoundExchange we ensure that our clients repertoire is accurately reflected in the SoundExchange database to maximize  distributions.


Our Clients


Le Grand Jones


Bomb Recordings


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